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Discover the AEC AI Hub, the world's largest database of AI tools and resources for the AEC industry, and your gateway to over 1000 AI tools!

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Mastering AI in AEC Course

Whether you're new to AI or looking to advance your skills, get to the next level with this comprehensive course, which is aimed at being an AI in AEC 101 - a strong fundamental base of AI knowledge and skills for years to come:

  • A step-by-step guide to leverage AI to its fullest potential!
  • Get 4.5+ hours of learning material, 8 prompting frameworks, and 27 in-depth lessons on AI.
  • You'll learn how to create an AI strategy and how to implement AI with 18 proven methods - and a lot, lot more! 👇
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Looking for social proof that I know what I'm talking about?

I fully understand, no worries! See my recent presentation with BIM Pure here: 👇

Need any additional help?

I can assist you in 3 different ways:

AI in AEC Presentation

If you're organizing a conference or want to upskill your employees, we can make a custom GPT workshop or an educational presentation.

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AI Transformation

For specific advice, we can start working together with a low-cost investment of an 1-hour video call (limited seats).

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AI in AEC Network

Join monthly learning sessions with market leading companies to learn about practical AI applications for BIM (limited seats).

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Endorsements: What Professionals Are Saying

Cobus Terblanche

Professional Architect

I was privileged to work alongside Stjepan in our Research and Development team. In our brief collaboration, Stjepan demonstrated an exceptional ability to distil complex and daunting concepts into accessible and captivating narratives. He has an innate talent for making even the most overwhelming topics feel approachable and exciting.

Stjepan's presentation skills are professional, and his demeanour makes him a pleasure to engage with. His collaborative approach to work and his ability to forge meaningful connections, a skill that undoubtedly sets him apart in our field, have left a lasting impression on me. I value his insights and continually draw inspiration from his collaborative spirit. Stjepan is an asset to any team, and I look forward to our engagements.

BĂĄrd Krogshus

Network Leader In BIM Verdi

Stjepan has the ability to see and present complex AI technologies and solutions - from a user perspective. That makes him a unique and highly needed knowledge source and presenter of the rapid developments in AI for AEC industries. Stjepan represents - with a great smile - updated, concentrated, and useful elements that are needed to increase the efficiency in a fragmented and data-driven AEC sector.

About Stjepan Mikulić


I'm on a mission to empower every AEC professional to solve challenges through learning, implementing, and developing AI and cutting-edge tech.

I do that by sharing my insights on LinkedIn, maintaining the AEC AI Hub and consulting AEC companies on AI, BIM, and technology implementation.

For those AEC professionals who want to go beyond the surface of AI, I also developed a comprehensive 'Mastering AI in AEC' course, that can take every course taker from zero to AI superhero.

I'm always open for a call, so get in touch, and let's reach our goals and improve the AEC together!

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